Christal Vision

Adaptive Technology

Size Brand Model Part # Price
N/A Enhanced Vision Jordy Jordy $3695
4.3" Enhanced Vision Pebble HD Pebble $595
  Enhanced Vision Transformer HD & HD OCR TFORMER $2595/2995
4.3" Optelec Compact + HD COM+HD $595
5/7" Optelec Compact HD COMHD $895/895
5" Optelec Compact Touch HD COMTOUCH $995
6" Optelec Compact 6 Speech C6SPEECH $1295
6" Optelec Compact 6 w/o Speech COM6 $895
13.3" Optelec Traveller HD TRAVELLER $1995
4.3" Freedom Scientific Ruby Ruby4.3 $545
4.3" Freedom Scientific Ruby HD Ruby4.3HD $645
5" Freedom Scientific Ruby XL HD RubyXLHD $895
7" Enhanced Vision Amigo HD AMIGOHD $995
7" Freedom Scientific Ruby 7 HD RUBY7 $1195
USB Freedom Scientific Onyx Portable HD Onyx Port $2495
USB LVI Magnilink "S" HD MLSHD2 $3795

Enhanced Vision Jordy The Latest In Wearable Low Vision Technology

This innovative system is the ideal solution for your active lifestyle, enabling you to read, write, and see in any environment including work, home, and school. Jordy is a battery-operated, full-color portable system that can be worn like a pair of glasses to see near, far, and everything in between. Jordy becomes a fully functioning HD desktop video magnifier when placed on its optional desktop 24” monitor docking stand.

Jordy Features:

HD autofocus camera for distance, intermediate & near viewing

Adjustable magnification

Color Select, Locator, Freeze & Focus Lock functions

Dual display with wide field of view

5-level brightness control

Adjustable top strap and nose piece for optimum comfort

Glare reduction eyecup shield

Lens holder for your prescription

Headset weight: 8 oz

Control unit with built-in rechargeable 4 or 8 hour battery

HDMI input for TV viewing with brightness and volume control
EV Jordy Jordy $3695

Optelec Compact 6 Speech Product Features:
Point the camera, capture the text, and listen as the text is read aloud
View and magnify text, objects and photos
Small and pocket-sized design
More words on-screen for maximum overview
Easy to hold thanks to the ergonomically designed side grips
Instant on and ready to use within 1 second
Customizable button bars
Clock function
Designed to move smoothly over reading materials
Optelec Compact 6 Speech Compact 6 Speech $1295
Compact 6 w/o Speech $895

EV Transformer Product Features:

Sony ® Full HD 1080p auto focus 3-in-1 camera for self-viewing, reading or distance viewing

4 desktop positions available: left, right, forward and upright

Magnification up to 30x on 24” LCD

32 viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness

Connects via HDMI, USB 3.0 or Wi-Fi

Work in Full or Split Screen mode

Removable legs for suction base option

Record and save videos for later playback

Built in LED lighting

2 hour minimum removable battery with internal charger (spare battery and external charger also included)

Carrying Case included

2 Year Warranty

OCR Features:

Optional 13 Megapixel Camera for accurate Full Page Text-to-Speech (OCR)

Adjustable magnification and color viewing modes in OCR

Reading preview lets you read the entire page or use your cursor to select where to begin reading

Multiple language recognition

Male and Female premium voices

Save and recall documents, pictures, and export files to your computer

EV Transformer HD Transformer HD $2595 / Transformer HD OCR $2995

Onyx Portable HD Continuous Magnification: 1.9x to 141x (when used with a 22-inch monitor)

Easy to use, lightweight, and portable: only weighs 4.3 lbs.

Three-in-one flexible camera with distance, document, and self views: In distance view, objects from across large rooms or auditoriums can be seen in sharp focus Document view gives you the ability to magnify items such as reading materials, daily business tasks, classroom assignments, product labels, and craft projects With self view, you get a magnified close-up mirror image

Automatically remembers your last working settings in every view

Read what you want, where you want, with camera rotation in all three directions

Work in split screen and save images on your PC when using the included GEM® Software

Scan-and-read capabilities provide editable text when used with OpenBook*

Optional XY table for a smooth, gliding motion while you read

Carrying case included for easy portability

Freedom Scientific
Onyx Portable HD
Onyx Port HD  $2495
$2990 w/ Openbook

Ruby 7 HD

Continuous zoom with 2x–24x magnification

See more on the vibrant 7-inch screen

Lightweight design at 18 ounces

Fast reading with no blur

Unique PivotCam rotating camera

Freeze Frame with adjustable magnification and panning

Adjustable Reading Line and Masks to keep your place

20 high-contrast color viewing modes so you can adjust text to be easy on your eyes

Built-in reading stand

HDMI port to connect to your TV

Save images and send to computer with USB port

4 hours continuous use

Includes charger, carrying case, and USB cable

Freedom Scientific Ruby 7 HD Ruby 7 HD  $1195

Pebble HD

All New HD camera with 4.3" LCD

Adjustable magnification from 1.25x to *20x(*Extended Zoom Feature)

Easy-to-use large tactile buttons with bump dots in two color choices

Adjustable brightness with lights on/off feature

28 available color select modes

Real time clock and calendar

Audible feedback

Weighs only 7.2 ounces

Carrying case included

Multi-purpose handle allows usage in various positions

Rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours of continuous use

Freeze frame with image save capability and PC download

2 year warranty

Designed and Assembled in the USA

Compact • Portable • Lightweight
EV Pebble Pebble  HD 4.3" $595

Compact Touch HD

Continuous magnification of 2X to 20X

Bright, vibrant and intuitive touchscreen to adjust settings by a simple swipe of fingers

5-inch full-color High Definition widescreen display with simple tap-to-focus camera

Multi-purpose, foldable and battery integrated handle

Adjustable document viewing modes for easier reading: 2 photo modes (full-color and grayscale) and 10 customizable, high contrast color combinations

Snapshot capability with zoom and easy panning of image with fingers

Reading and short distance viewing in one design

Steady reading with the enclosed magnetic sheet

Large icon information menu to customize settings, switch horizontal or vertical lines on/off, adjust brightness, view battery level and more

Connect to an external monitor or TV with HDMI or an RCA input for a bigger image (cables included)

Easy interchangeable battery pack offering 3-hours continuous use

Dimensions: 5.2 x 3 x 1.3 in.

Weight: 10.6 oz (including battery)

2-year limited warranty

Optelec Compact Touch HD Compact Touch HD   $995

Compact 5 Compact 5"-
Continuous magnification of 1.5X to 18X
8 megapixel High Definition and Auto-Focus camera for sharp, clear image quality
5-inch High Definition widescreen display
Two ergonomic positions: Closed for on-the-go, or raised screen for perfect angle and a steady position
4 times increased field of view compared to traditional electronic hand-held magnifiers
3 times higher resolution quality in all magnification levels
Patented indirect camera lighting system to eliminate glare when reading glossy materials
Large icon menu to save user settings
16 high contrast viewing modes and adjustable brightness
Snapshot/freeze frame with continuous zoom capability
Portable and lightweight at only 10.4 oz.
3-hour rechargeable battery; large icon battery status
Leather carrying case and wrist strap (included)

Compact 7"-
Continuous magnification of 2X - 24X
7-inch High Definition full color TFT widescreen display
Immediate reading with “one-touch” to open and power on
4-hour continuous use rechargeable battery; large icon battery status
Patented indirect camera LED lighting system for even, glare-free illumination
8-megapixel High Definition and Auto-Focus camera
Large icon settings and information menu to save user settings
Adjustable brightness with full color photo mode and 16 high contrast color combinations
Two reading positions
Snapshot function with audio indication sounds
Carrying case, wrist strap and a microfiber screen cleaning cloth
Portable and lightweight at only 1.4lbs (22.6 oz.)
Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.1 x 1.1 inches

2-year standard warranty

Optelec Compact HD Optelec Compact HD 5/7" - $895/895

Compact Plus

Continuous Magnification: 3X to 10X

Camera with focus distance up to 2 inches

4.3-inch full color TFT widescreen display

Adjustable document viewing modes

Full color for viewing photographs and images

4 high contrast color combinations for easier reading including black text on a yellow background

Integrated LED lighting for even illumination

Designed to move smoothly over reading materials

Retractable handle

Snapshot function: save up to 4 captured images with options to adjust magnification and high contrast colors

Rechargeable battery offering an average of 3 hours continuous use

Battery charging time of 3 hours

Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.1 x 1.3 inches

Weight: 8.9 ounces

Optelec Compact + HD Compact + HD  $595

Ruby View text and images on the compact 4.3-inch screen

Built-in LED lighting

2x–14x magnification with handle extended

5x to 10x magnification flat on table

Lightweight design at only 7.7 ounces

Uses rechargeable or disposable AAA batteries

Goes anywhere with 2 hours continuous use

Fast reading with no blur

Easy flip-out handle

Freeze Frame with adjustable magnification

5 high-contrast color viewing modes so you can adjust text to be easy on your eyes

Internal memory to store up to 15 images

Includes batteries, charger, wrist strap, and case

Optional reading stand

Freedom Scientific Ruby Ruby   $545/645(HD)

EVS Amigo Handheld Video Magnifier

Lightweight, portable design

31 selectable viewing modes

Continuous levels of magnification for Amigo HD

Image “Freeze” mode

7” diagonal TFT display, 16-bit

Weight: 1.3lbs. for Amigo HD

Magnification Ranges: 1.4x – 25x (with extended zoom)

Warranty: 2 years

Estimated Usage Times: 3 to 5 hour battery life (depending on Mode and Brightness level settings)

EVS Amigo Amigo HD $995

LVI Portable Magnalink CCTV MagniLink S

1280X720 (720 progressive scan)

1.4-75x Magnification

Connect to: PC/Mac/Direct to Monitor

Flexible Camera Rotation

USB 3.0 or HDMI

*Computer NOT Included!
LVI Magnilink "S" HD Magnilink "S"  HD  $3795

Traveller HD Light weight

Unique Slide and Read mechanism

Ready to use when the screen is in reading position

Designed to move smoothly over reading materials

Full High Definition image quality

13.3-inch full color TFT widescreen display

Tilted screen position for ergonomic viewing

Continuous zoom: 2.4X – 30X

Adjustable document viewing modes:

Full color photo mode

Up to 4 customizable high contrast modes for easier reading (16 high contrast color combinations available)

Large icon menu, suitable for low vision use

Snapshot function: save up to 1000 captured images with the option to change high contrast semi-colors

Reading Line

Rechargeable battery: 3 hours average use / 6 hours to charge

Integrated LED lighting for even illumination

Weight: 4.3 lbs

Dimensions: 14.4x9.5x1.9 inches

Optelec Traveller Traveller HD  $1995