Christal Vision

Adaptive Technology

Type Brand Model Part # Price
Stand-Alone OCR Orcam Read OrcamRead $Call
Stand-Alone OCR Orcam MyEye 2.0 MYEYE $Call
Stand-Alone OCR Optelec ClearReader w/o  Case CLEAR $1995
Stand-Alone OCR Freedom Scientific SARA CE OCR SARACE $1895
Stand-Alone OCR Freedom Scientific omniReader omniReader $2495
Stand-Alone OCR Freedom Scientific Eye-Pal Solo SOLO $1849
PC OCR Camera Freedom Scientific Pearl (Standalone NO Openbook) PEARL $295
Stand-Alone OCR Enhanced Vision SmartReader SRHE1A $1895

Orcam Read OrCam Read

Transform the Way You Read
For people with mild low vision, reading fatigue, reading difficulties including dyslexia, and for anyone who consumes large amounts of text. OrCam Read is a first-of-its-kind handheld device with a smart camera that seamlessly reads text from any printed surface or digital screen. It enables you to enjoy the morning paper, read any book, and even read all that appears on your computer or smartphone screen. Privately read the text that you choose, improve your time studying, work more efficiently!

Read Instantly
Including: newspapers, books, menus, signs, product labels and screens

Full Page Capture
Unlike all other devices where you must scan word-by-word, OrCam Read captures full pages and screens at once and reads it for you.

Laser Guidance
Two intuitive laser guidance options: Capture a specific block of text or choose where to begin reading.

Bright LED Light
Makes reading easy in dimly-lit environments.

What is OrCam Read?
OrCam Read is a first-of-its-kind, handheld device that instantly reads any printed or digital text from books, newspapers, smartphone and computer screens, and more. It is intuitively operated with just the press of a button. It can assist people who have mild low vision, reading difficulties, including dyslexia and reading fatigue.

Bundle 1: OrCam Read Basic contains only the text reading feature.

Bundle 2: OrCam Read Smart contains the text reading feature, as well as the brand new Smart Reading feature.
Orcam Read Orcam Read $Call

Orcam MyEye OrCam MyEye

For People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
OrCam MyEye is a revolutionary voice activated device that attaches to virtually any glasses. It can instantly read to you text from a book, smartphone screen or any other surface, recognize faces, help you shop on your own, work more efficiently, and live a more independent life!
OrCam MyEye conveys visual information audibly, in real-time and offline.

Read Text
Instantly reads printed and digital text aloud from any surface. The OrCam MyEye is the only wearable assistive technology device that is activated by an intuitive pointing gesture.

Smart Reading
Simply ask for the text that interests you: “Read the headlines,” “Read amounts,” or “Start from” a specific section (like “desserts” in a menu).
(Only available on OrCam MyEye PRO)

Identify objects in your surroundings (including doors, chairs and more), allowing the user to simply ask “What is in front of me?”
(Only available on OrCam MyEye PRO)

Recognize Faces
Recognize your loved ones, friends and coworkers, who are announced with seamless real-time facial recognition.

Identify Products
Hear product details of any pre-programmed product or through barcode recognition that uses a preloaded database.

What is OrCam MyEye?

OrCam MyEye, the most advanced wearable assistive technology for people who are blind or visually impaired, provides independence by allowing access to visual information, conveyed by audio, on a tiny camera which can be attached to any pair of eyeglasses. Using Artificial Intelligence it reads text, recognizes faces, identifies products, and more.

Bundle 1: OrCam MyEye Basic contains the text reading feature, as well as the brand new Smart Reading feature.

Bundle 2: OrCam MyEye PRO contains all features, including text reading, recognizing faces, identifying products, money notes, barcodes, colors, telling time, and the brand new Smart Reading and Orientation features.

Mix and Match: When purchasing the device, you can customize it, selecting the features that best suit your needs. Only pay for the features that YOU want.
Orcam MyEye MyEye 2.0 $Call

Optelec Clear Reader Optelec ClearReader+

Instant reading
Rediscover the joy of reading anytime and anywhere. Within a few seconds, the ClearReader+ scans any magazine articles and reads them to you in naturally sounding voices.

Intuitive operation
The ClearReader+ is designed for simplicity. Its buttons are easy to operate and have distinctive shapes. This helps you to control the integrated state-of-the-art technology without any effort.

Quick voice selection
The ClearReader+ offers a broad variety of high quality male and female reading voices in 31 different languages. Select your preferred voices and languages and switch them instantly while reading.

Saving and retrieving documents
With the ClearReader+ you have the option to save your post or interesting articles for later reference. You can archive single and multiple page documents and access them when needed.

Portable solution
Benefit from the portable design and use the ClearReader+ anywhere in your home. Move the unit around easily by using the convenient foldable carrying handle.

High resolution auto-focus camera with state of the art wide angle optics
Fast text recognition (OCR)
59 high quality, easy-to-change reading voices (TTS)
31 supported languages
Built-in stereo speakers
Volume control
Speed control
Headphone connector
Saving and opening documents
HDMI port
USB port
SD card slot
Integrated rechargeable Li-ion battery: offering 5 hours continuous use
Integrated LED lighting for even illumination
Foldable carrying handle
Dimensions: 23 x 24 x 10 cm / 9.1 x 9.4 x 3.9 in
Weight: 2.46 kg / 5.4 lb
2-year standard warranty

Optelec ClearReader ClearReader $1995 w/o Case

Freedom Scientific Sara CE SARA® CE

SARA CE is the next-generation self-contained scanning and reading appliance for people who are blind or have low vision. It is simple to use, and quickly converts printed text to spoken text. No computer experience is needed. Read your documents without the need for sighted assistance.

Easy to learn, easy to use – no computer experience needed
Convert printed text to human-like speech in your choice of voices and languages
Built-in keypad with brightly-colored tactile keys and an audible menu
Document camera providing instantaneous access to printed material
Add a monitor for a complete low-vision scanning and reading appliance
Powerful low vision features tailor the appearance of text on the screen, including font style, size, character spacing, and colors
Fast, automatic page capture for efficient document acquisition
Save files in SARA CE or send to a USB thumb drive
Built-in Braille support

Freedom Scientific omniReader omniReader:

The omniReader® is a lightweight, portable scanning and reading solution that helps those who are blind or have low vision retain the pleasure of reading. Simply press a button and the omniReader® reads printed text aloud or you can follow along with the magnified text in high-contrast colors on the built-in screen. You can also use the screen to instantly magnify objects to see them more clearly. Thanks to its lightweight design, built-in handle, and long battery life, you can pick it up and use it wherever you want – at home, at the office, and even on-the-go.

Product Features
Accurately and instantly read and magnify text
Large, easy-to-use controls with customizable controls for low vision and blindness features
Portable and lightweight – ideal to take with you
Magnify small objects and fine print in Live Viewing Mode
Scan and read documents in portrait orientation
Save scanned images and multi-page documents
Connect a headset to listen to documents privately
Connect to a Focus Blue Braille Display to read in Braille
Read from and save to a USB thumb drive
Display 10-inch (diagonal) color display
Weight 1.51 Kg , 3.32 pounds
Dimensions 24.9cm x 27.6cm x 10.5cm 9.8 in x 10.9 in x 4.1 in
Power Rechargeable battery and/or AC – 12-hour battery life
Camera 13 MP autofocus HD camera
Input/Output 2 USB ports
Audio Stereo speakers, headset jack
*Menu and Help also localized
omniReader omniReader $2495

Freedom Scientific EyePal Solo Eye-Pal SOLO:

Eye-Pal SOLO is a stand-alone scanning and reading appliance with OCR and read-aloud capabilities, so no computer knowledge is required. It scans up to 20 pages per minute and reads text nearly instantaneously, allowing users to work quickly without frustration. Eye-Pal SOLO easily and accurately reads printed material from books, newspapers, magazines, mail, and more – without the need of a computer. Save documents in .TXT or MP3 format to a USB flash drive. You can even connect a monitor to the Eye-Pal SOLO LV model to display text in a high-contrast, large font for low-vision users. The Eye-Pal SOLO is fast, accurate, and easy to use – start listening today!

Easy to set up and use — no computer required
Converts printed text to natural, human-sounding speech
Automatically and accurately reads printed material
Hand-motion activated
Scans 20 pages per minute
Save documents as TXT or MP3 format files
Lightweight and space saving: weighs under 7 pounds and is only 9″ wide by 11″ long
Eye-Pal Solo Eye-Pal Solo $1849

Freedom Scientific Pearl PEARL

The PEARL, combined with JAWS, Fusion, or OpenBook scanning and reading software, brings blind and low vision users instant portable access to printed material with an array of human-sounding voices. The folding camera deploys in seconds to connect to your PC and snap a picture of your reading material and begins reading it aloud instantly.

In automatic mode, the PEARL senses motion, so it knows to snap an image and begin reading again whenever you turn a page. The PEARL sets up in seconds and folds into a compact 14”x 3”x 2 1/8” package, and zips into its protective neoprene case for maximum portability.

Plug and Play USB with the latest versions of JAWS, Fusion, and OpenBook
Motion Sensor to detect new pages for Multi-Page scanning
Built-in LED lighting for dim settings
Scan 20 pages per minute while reading
Additional OpenBook features

Add comments and highlighting to scanned text
OpenBook scanning identifies columns and places them in logical reading order
Saves in many formats including BRL or even Audio
Export to other applications like Microsoft® Word or Notepad

Pearl Pearl $295 (Standalone) *Requires Openbook 9.0
Pearl with OpenBook software $1,295

Smart Reader Smart Reader HD

The Smart Reader HD is a lightweight, portable reader/scanner with large built-in user friendly tactile control buttons.

A fully integrated solution, the Smart Reader HD offers the advantage of a built-in HD camera and OCR (optical character recognition). Smart Reader HD enables individuals with low vision to retain the pleasure of reading by listening along or by attaching a monitor to view the text. Users are able to view in color, enhanced high-contrast positive or negative modes, allowing for higher contrasts and easier viewing. With easy-to-use buttons and dials, customers can enlarge or reduce the text in seconds and change viewing options for easier visibility.

Smart Reader HD Features:

Position document and in seconds Smart Reader begins reading aloud
Ideal for reading magazines, books, newspapers, etc.
Built-in speaker offers premium audio quality
Over 20 languages available with high-quality natural male or female voices
Large tactile control buttons
Built-in 8 hour rechargeable battery
Attach headphone for privacy
Connect to any desktop monitor or TV (HDMI and DVI) to enlarge image and follow along
Optimize contrast and brightness with over 30 color modes available
Easy image scan, save and recall
Import/Export document feature through USB port
SmartReader SmartReader $1895
Console $200