Christal Vision

Adaptive Technology

Size (inches) Brand Model Part # Price
20/24 Freedom Scientific Topaz EZ HD TOP20/24 $2495/2795
20/22/24 Freedom Scientific Topaz High Definition XL HD TOPXLHD20/22/24 $2995/3145/3395
24 Freedom Scientific Topaz OCR TOPOCR $3895
24 Enhanced Vision Merlin Pro MERPRO24 $3895
20/22/24 Enhanced Vision Merlin Ultra MERU20/22/24 $2995/3145/3395
22 Optelec Clear View Plus HD CLRVW $3295
24 Optelec Clear View Plus Speech HD CLRVWSPEECH $3895
24 Optelec Clear View C HD CLRVCHD24 $3395
24 Optelec Clear View C Speech HD CLRVCSPEECH $3995
24 Optelec Clear View C TwinView CLRVCTWIN24 $3095/3395(HD)

Topaz CCTV Topaz EZ:

Magnification to 78 times (on a 24-inch monitor with the HD system)
Choice of monitor sizes: widescreen 20-inch or 24-inch
Custom high-contrast color modes
Color-boost contrast
Brightly-colored control buttons
Over 8 inches of working space to write and work comfortably
Comfortable swivel screen
LED lighting reduces glare
One-touch button to freeze images

Topaz LCD Features:

Magnification to 77 times (on a 24-inch monitor)
Choice of widescreen 20-inch, 22-inch, or 24-inch monitors
Auto-focus camera
Accurate colors and even illumination with no glare to minimize fatigue
33 screen color modes including high-contrast full color, true-color, and grayscale to fit your viewing needs
Over 8 inches of working space to write and work comfortably
Unique can and bottle holder holds round objects steady
Extra-wide reading table to smoothly glide large books and objects under the camera
Adjustable monitor can be raised or lowered, tilted forward or back, or turned 90 degrees to the right or left
Freeze Frame to stop movement for close inspection of small objects or to keep your place
Focus Lock to maintain focus while writing
Find feature to quickly zoom out, find your place, and zoom back in to read
Reading Lines, Shades, and Masks to reduce eye fatigue and focus on what you want to read

Topaz XL HD Features:

All the features of our standard TOPAZ and TOPAZ EZ models PLUS
High-definition camera to provide a crisp image that is easy to read at all magnification levels
Widest field of view to fit more text on the screen at once, for greater productivity with less fatigue
Position Locator to pinpoint the area you see on the monitor
Use with GEM® and OpenBook® Scanning and Reading Software to send the image from TOPAZ XL HD to your computer to read it aloud

Freedom Scientific Topaz Topaz EZ HD 20/24" - $2495/2745
Topaz XL HD 20/22/24" - $2995/3145/3395
Topaz 24" OCR $3895

Enhanced Vision Merlin CCTV Sony® HD auto focus camera
24″ high resolution HD LCD for best image quality
Text-to-Speech (OCR) – reads aloud with Nuance® software
Easy-to-use console with line markers
Screen easily pivots horizontally and vertically to provide the most comfortable viewing position
28 viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness
LED lighting for truer HD picture quality
Wide range of adjustable magnification from 2.4 to 70x
Low profile XY table with a user friendly lock mechanism
Merlin elite’s monitor can also be utilized as a display for your computer
Set up is easy, just plug in and begin
3 year warranty
Designed and Assembled in the USA

EV Merlin Pro Merlin Pro 24" $3895

Enhanced Vision Merlin CCTV New Full HD camera

Amazing 1920 x 1080 resolution for 22″ and 24″ LCD models

Stunning 1280 x 720 resolution for 20″ LCD models

High resolution HD LCD for best image quality

Wide field of view

Simple, easy-to-use tactile controls

LED lighting for truer picture quality

Wide range of adjustable magnification (2.4x to 73.2x depending on screen size and zoom table selected)

Adjustable viewing modes for high contrast personalization

XY table for smooth continuous reading with a user friendly lock mechanism

Computer compatible – toggle between CCTV and computer (Additional hardware may be required)

3 year warranty

Set up is easy, just plug in and begin

EV Merlin Ultra HD Merlin Ultra (HD Model) 20/22/24" - $2995/3145/3395

Optelec Clearview C Unique and modern design that complements the interior of your home

The C-shaped arm gives you more freedom of movement

More working space to read larger documents easily

Continuous magnification of 1.3X to 75X (depends on model type)

Filtered lighting for even illumination and elimination of glare

Adjustable document viewing modes: Full color photo mode and 16 selectable high contrast color combinations

Easy-glide reading table with X and Y directional brake and adjustable friction

Customize your unit to suit your needs:

Control Pad to switch between basic and advanced functions

Bright widescreens in two different sizes: 22” and 24”

Special TwinView monitor for computer users

Speech module with touchscreen offering intuitive Point and Read speech output

High Definition camera for superior image quality

Space-saving Compact or wide Comfort set-up

Dimensions base footprint: 16.5 in x 20.1 in (Comfort set-up)

Optelec ClearView C ClearView C HD 24" - $3395
ClearView C Speech HD 24" - $3995
Twinview 24" $3095/3395(HD)

Optelec Clearview Plus Continuous magnification: 3.4X – 65X

Auto-focus camera with 10X optical zoom

Focus lock

Superior video processing for extending reading pleasure

22-inch full color TFT widescreen display

Adjustable document viewing modes:

Full color photo mode

2 standard high contrast color combinations for easier reading

16 selectable high contrast color combinations for easier reading (optional)

Adjustable brightness

Adjustable contrast

Overview function (optional)

Position locator (optional)

Reading lines (optional)

Window blinds (optional)

Integrated lighting for even illumination

5-directional Ultra Flexible Arm (UFA) for ergonomic reading comfort

Easy-glide reading platform with an electronic brake

PC compatibility

Footswitch (optional)

Optelec ClearView + Clear View Plus HD 22" - $3295

Optelec Clearview Plus Speech Intuitive 24" HD Touchscreen monitor
Read long documents with accurate and reliable Text-to-Speech
Point directly at a column, paragraph or word and Read
Capture the whole document with Full Page overview
Navigate quickly with intelligent document layout recognition
Swipe your finger to scroll through the magnified text or photos
Read text in high contrast while viewing pictures in origional color
More than 50 reading voices in over 30 languages
Document and photo storage to reference later
Picture viewer with zoom and slideshow options to view favorite photos
Continuous magnification of 1X to 85X (depends on model type)
Ergonomic product design with customizable features
Built-in high sound quality stereo speakers and headphone port
Compatible with all existing ClearView+ Systems and easy to upgrade
3-year limited warranty

Optelec ClearView + Speech Clear View Plus Speech 24" - $3895
( C-Speech Available for $3995 )